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School Manager

Job Description

Work with the board of the school to plan, coordinate and organize the school operating model, develop its budget and financial plan; recruit a team of academic and nonacademic staff; allocate resources effectively. STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT Serve as Manager of the school, translating the Schools vision into specific, measurable objectives. Oversee the development and execution of the schools strategic plan and budget to achieve the objectives of world class institution Meet and exceed defined quality standards in learning, teaching and character building Liaise with the community and relevant organizations to secure support in working towards the performance and well being of the students SCHOOL MANAGEMENT Communicate the school’s goals to all staff, constantly raising the standards of learning, teaching and building capacity across the workforce Ensure the school remains fit for purpose by continually improving the teaching standards, structures and methodologies Manage the screening, interviewing and selection and management of teaching and non-teaching personnel Organize teaching and learning programmes to accommodate students with special needs Oversee the behaviourial of students, ensuring inculcation of good morals and etiquette Model and promote the values and ethos of the School. FISCAL MANAGEMENT Efficiently manage the finances of the school ensuring that the school uses its resources prudently and functions optimally within its allocated budget CURRCULUM MANAGEMENT Oversee the development and delivery of the school curriculum; ensuring the use of an effective teaching model and modern teaching aids to facilitate learning by the students

Location:  Lagos

Type:  Full-Time

Qualification  B.Sc

Years of Experience  10-15years

Other Information

The ideal candidate must possess: Passion for and commitment to quality education and have previous school management experience Keen understanding of issues and key success factors in delivering world class education in private school At least 10 years relevant experience in management of private school Verifiable record of managed schools with academic success rate of 80percent in external examinations

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