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Customer Service

Customer Experience Analyst

Job Description

Customer Relationship Management Provides help and advice to customers on services rendered by the organization Communicates courteously with customers by telephone, email, letter and face to face. Coordinates investigations and solve customers problems, which may be complex or long standing problems that have been passed on by Customer Relations Officers. Engage managers in discussions and meeting to discuss possible improvements to customer service and satisfaction. Customer Experience Strategy Ensure that incoming telephone calls are answered in a professional and timely manner and transferred, where appropriate, to the relevant department. Develop and implement a customer service policy for the entire organization; finding ways to measure customer satisfaction and improve services; by monitoring compliance. Develop feedback or complaints procedures for the customers use; improve customer service procedures, policies and standards for the organization. Customer Experience Management Develop and implement a schedule for assessing the organizations sales and services department; and work together to deliver seamless customer service. Work with customer and team members to understand,define,refine the customer segments and develop solutions, based on insight into customer behaviors and propensities. Translate solutions into business rules that define how each type of interaction should be handled for each customer and service line.

Location:  Lagos

Type:  Full-Time

Qualification  B.Sc

Years of Experience  3-5years

Other Information

A good university first degree in Social Science or related courses. At least 3 to 4 years work experience. Excellent communication skills. Good enunciation and diction is essential. Good supervisory skills

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